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University Health Service
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How to register as a patient with us


1. Confirm you live within our catchment area

We only register patients who live within the following postcodes:

  • SO14 0GE
  • SO14 3ET
  • SO14 6
  • SO15 1DP, DQ & DR
  • SO15 2
  • SO16 2, 3 & 7
  • SO17
  • SO18 2JS, JU, JW, JX, JY & JZ
  • SO18 2LB
  • SO18 2NS, NU & NW
  • SO18 2QN
  • SO18 2RA

2. Complete a registration form

Please complete a registration form giving us your past medical history, allergies, medications, etc

We scan these forms in to your medical record, so they must be completed in BLACK PEN.

You will find one in your hall welcome pack, can obtain one from our recption or you can download one below.


3. Complete an alcohol questionnaire

Again, you will find one in your hall pack, can obtain one from our reception or can download one below.


4. Bring the forms to reception in person

NHS regulations say that you must bring the forms to us in person to register.

Don't forget to bring both of the forms with you!

At busy times, we may focus our attention on patients who already registered with us. If we are unable to help you at that particular time, you will be invited to return at another time.


5. Wait for your registration to process

We will submit your registration, but this is not an instantaneous process.

Typically it takes around one working day to process, but due to Government changes to the PPSA in 2016, we are at the moment experiencing delays as they are failing to approve all registrations promptly. We apologise for this, but sadly this is outside of our control.

Once your registration has completed, we can then book you an appointment.

If you have chosen not to register anywhere and wish to see a clinician on the same day, then please use the walk in centre (as this accepts patients who are not registered with a local GP).

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