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Diabetes care

Diabetes is a serious illness that requires regular follow-up. We can provide most of this care within the practice, but we also use external services provide by outside agencies where appropriate.

The practice will perform your annual check and blood test, management of co-existing diseases that impact upon diabetes, retinal eye screening services, and referral for insulin support where needed.

It is very important to note that hospital-based diabetic clinics are moving away from full annual checks to a problem-solving approach. Therefore, even if you have been to a hospital clinic for an annual review, they are unlikely to have performed the complete range of tests that are recommended for annual follow-up. We very strongly encourage you to come to the annual check that we offer all diabetics, even if you have been seen in hospital too.

Our practice diabetic team includes Dr Sarah Armstrong, Caroyln Ellery, and Arjun Grewal - they are always at hand to help you manage your diabetes effectively.