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Obtaining test results

After you have had a blood test or give us a sample, we will usually receive and process the results in 7 days. Some types of samples (e.g. stool samples) take much longer. If you have not received blood test results within 7 days, you should contact reception.

A doctor will review your results and decide if:

  • The results are normal and no action is needed.
  • The results are abnormal and the GP will send you a message with some actions.
  • The results are abnormal and you will need to speak to a GP for a routine appointment.
  • The results are abnormal and urgent meaning you will need to speak to a GP on the day.

You will receive a text message from a GP with the outcome. If you have not heard from us after 7 days, please call us so we can chase the results.

You can view your results online via your online account or on the NHS App once they have been reviewed by a doctor. You can also call, email, or visit reception and ask for a copy to be sent to you or to ask for a follow-up appointment.