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University Health Service
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How to obtain letters, sick notes & medical reports

If your studies have been effected by illness, please read the following information and decide what sort of certification you need.

1. Self-certification
If you are absent for five days or less, you must use the university's self-certification form. You can obtain this from your department office or download a copy below. University sickness policy does not require a sick note if your illness lasts fewer than six days even if an exam or assessment was affected by the illness. We will decline to give you a sick note in those circumstances and refer you back to your department.

2. An NHS prospective sick note
If you see a doctor or nurse (or are admitted to hospital) and we judge you will be absent for six days or more, then we or your hospital will issue you with a standard NHS sick note during your consultation or inpatient stay. This will state how long your are expected to be absent for.

3. A medical report
If you are applying for special considerations or wish us to write to the university with medical evidence to tell them about a condition which has lasted some time, but has not required your absence, you need to complete a report request form (see link below). You DO NOT need to see a doctor to discuss the form, but we must have been involved in your care during your illness or we will not be able to report on it.

4. A report for Student Finance England
If you are applying to Student Finance England, please complete their report form and deliver it to us if it requires us to verify any illness which forms the basis of your application.

5. Confirmation of an appointment
Occasionally we are asked to confirm you had an appointment. Please ask at reception for this.

Please note, options 3, 4 & 5 are not NHS services and a fee is payable.