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How to use repeat dispensing

Repeat dispensing is a recent extension to the previous repeat prescribing system. Using this system a nurse prescriber or doctor can not only make a drug available for your to re-order, but they can pre-authorise the future prescriptions.

The main difference between repeat dispensing and repeat prescribing is that you do not need to bother obtaining a new prescription for your next supply of drugs, you simply visit your nominated pharmacy and they can issue your medicine to you directly from the pre-authorised prescription. It can be a real time saver.

A good analogy is the American system of refillable prescriptions - repeat dispensing is essentially the same. When you need more supplies of your drug, you simply go to the pharmacy and get a refill. You do not need to get a new prescription every time.

If you wish to change the nominated pharmacy (the chemist where your prescription is pre-authorised) you can do this by simply attending the pharmacy you wish to change to and ask them to update your nomination.

If you have any further queries, please speak to your pharmacist.