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University Health Service
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How to register as a patient with us


1. Confirm you live within our catchment area

We only register patients who live at the following home addresses or postcodes in Southampton:

Halls of Residence
  • Archers Lane Complex, Polygon
  • Bencraft Hall, Bassett
  • Chamberlain Complex, Bassett
  • City Gateway, Swaythling
  • Connaught Hall, Swaythling
  • Crescent Place, St Marys
  • Gateley Hall, Polygon
  • Glen Eyre Complex, Bassett
  • Hampton Square, Swaythling
  • Hartley Grove Hall, Bassett
  • Highfield Halls, Highfield
  • Liberty Point, St Marys
  • Liberty Quays, Duke St
  • Mayflower Complex (A, B & C), Above Bar
  • Montefiore Halls, Swaythling
  • Romero Hall, Polygon
  • St. Margaret's Hall, Polygon
  • South Hill Hall, Bassett
  • UniLife
  • Vincent Place, Vincent Walk
  • Vita Student, Terminus Terrace
  • Wessex Lane Complex, Swaythling
  • SO14 0FG
  • SO14 0GE
  • SO14 0J
  • SO14 0R
  • SO14 0S
  • SO14 0T
  • SO14 1BS
  • SO14 1J
  • SO14 1L
  • SO14 2DF
  • SO14 2EN
  • SO14 3AY
  • SO14 3B
  • SO14 3D
  • SO14 3E
  • SO14 3GW
  • SO14 3H
  • SO14 3LS
  • SO14 3LR
  • SO14 3ZP
  • SO14 6
  • SO14 7
  • SO15 1D
  • SO15 1G
  • SO15 2
  • SO16 2
  • SO16 3
  • SO16 7A
  • SO16 7B
  • SO16 7D
  • SO16 7E
  • SO16 7F
  • SO16 7G
  • SO16 7H
  • SO16 7L
  • SO16 7P
  • SO16 7Q
  • SO17
  • SO18 2J
  • SO18 2NU
  • SO18 2NS
  • SO18 2S
  • SO18 9

Want to join the practice?

Click here to...

This is the preferred, Covid-19 secure method

Alternatively, you can register in person using the following guidance and by downloading the registration form pack below.

2. Download the registration form pack

Please click on the link below to download the registration form pack, which contains the following forms.


3. Complete a practice registration form

Please complete the registration form giving us your past medical history, allergies, medications, etc

We scan these forms in to your medical record, so they must be completed in BLACK PEN.


4. Complete an alcohol questionnaire

Please complete the form after reading the guidance in the registration form pack.


5. Complete a NHS GMS1 form

Please complete fully. If you are an international student and have been given an NHS number after paying the NHS surcharge, please enter it on this form.


6. Bring all three forms to reception

Don't forget to bring all of the forms with you!

At busy times, we may focus our attention on patients who already registered with us. If we are unable to help you at that particular time, you will be invited to return at another time.


7. Wait for your registration to process

We will submit your registration, but this is not an instantaneous process.

Typically it takes around one working day to process. However sometimes, due to the volumes of new registrations, this may take longer.

Once your registration has completed, we can then book you an appointment.

If you have chosen not to register with a GP and wish to see a clinician on the same day, please use the walk in urgent care centre (they accept patients who do not have a local GP).

It takes days to weeks for us to receive a NHS number for patients who have not previously been registered with the NHS. We often get asked by overseas patients to confirm their NHS number, but please be patient whilst the NHS conducts its counter-fraud checks & allocates you an individual number. You will receive a registration confirmation letter from Primary Care Support England (PCSE) in due course.